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Revolutionary pouches

Discover a new way of using our products: the same quality now takes up less space. The stay-fresh pouches preserve the flavour of mushrooms and vegetables. They also make for space savings in the storage room or in the larder.

Easy to open

A pouch can be easily opened in just 15 seconds. Never do battle with complicated can openers again: a common pair of scissors is all you need to open the packaging. What’s more, the packaging is resealable: if you haven’t used the entire content, you can put it back in the fridge.

Safe and lightweight

There is no risk of injury when opening the pouch. If it slips out of your hands and falls, it doesn’t break and disgorge its contents on the floor. Thanks to its reduced weight, it would not hurt you even if it were to land on your foot.

Less oil

A small quantity of oil or preserving liquid is sufficient to preserve the food inside the pouches: one-third of what is contained in the tins. Mushrooms and vegetables keep their natural flavour and can be used right away to prepare pizzas and dishes.

Save space in storage

Pouches are a handy stay-fresh type of packaging that also saves space. They do not just preserve the flavour and the natural taste of the ingredients; they also take up less space in the kitchen larder or in storage.

Lower CO2 emissions

The reduced weight and the compactness of the pouches are also good for the environment. They make it possible to optimise shipping and to reduce the number of delivery vehicles, thus reducing carbon dioxide emissions.

Reduce and recycle waste

The bulk of the pouches is further reduced once they’ve been used. When they’re empty of their content, they weigh just a few grams, can be squashed flat and occupy very little space: they can be stacked for collection.

Good for you, good for the environment.

Eco-sustainable packaging preserves
natural flavour without polluting.

Pick a type of packaging: we have one for all tastes

Packaging is a matter of taste. We all have our preferences and we respect them, offering a wide choice. Four different types of packaging preserve the delicious fragrance of mushrooms, vegetables and vegetable creams. They are all made with eco-friendly materials that are also good for the environment.


Aluminium food-safe pouches are the innovative container that is best suited to modern kitchen needs. They reduce the weight and bulk on the shelf and save time when preparing a dish. They are handy and easy to use, as they contain a minimal quantity of oil.


Lovers of tradition prefer tin and can packaging: it is sturdy, airtight and air- and light-proof. It preserves mushrooms, vegetables and creams in the best conditions. It is safe and healthy because it is free of BPA. Thanks to large formats, it can preserve whole or roughly sliced vegetables.


Would you never buy blindly? Glass jars serve as displays for the quality of our sautéed mushrooms and vegetables preserved in oil. We are eager to prove to you the quality of our products; that’s why we preserve them in a pure material that can safeguard the original flavour, without altering it.

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