Quiche with Pumpkins Sauce, Eggplants Sauce and Porcini mushrooms

Quiche with Pumpkins Sauce, Eggplants Sauce and Porcini mushrooms




Quiche with Pumpkins Sauce, Eggplants Sauce and Porcini mushrooms: let's discover together how to prepare it! With the arrival of autumn,  the delicious flavours of this season come back to enrich our tables. The recipe of the quiche with pumpkins, eggplants and Porcini mushrooms, is inspired by the vegetables of October. With the creamy Salsiamo line you may choose the vegetables you prefer and add them to your most delicious recipes! Here how to prepare it:
  1. Add some durum wheat flour (50 g) on the puff pastry and then stretch it with a rolling pin, so as to enlarge the circumference of the quiche;
  2. take a round pan and then cover it with a sheet of baking paper;
  3. place the puff pastry on the pan so that it remains well positioned to the edges;
  4. spread 300 g of the Grilled Eggplants Sauce - Salsiamo alle Melanzane grigliate on the base of the quiche;
  5. now add a layer of Pronto Porcino Nova- Seasoned Porcini mushrooms ready for use (250g);
  6. finally add a layer of Pumpkins Sauce - Salsiamo alla Zucca (300g);
  7. sprinkle with two spoons of Parmesan cheese;
  8. now separately beat an egg and afterwards brush the dough with it;
  9. preheat the oven to 180°. Do not use ventilated mode please;
  10. as soon as the temperature is reached, place the quiche in the oven and let it cook for 30 – 45 minutes;
  11. as soon as the puff pastry becomes golden, turn off the oven and take the quiche out.
Enjoy your meal!

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